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VD? A little penicillin should clear that problem right up.

Proud home of Skizzy. And used condoms. And hate. Also home of hate.

Die VD Die!!!

Ew. VD.
Die VD Die!!!


Skipped Back 10

October 11th, 2005

I've been writing a little diary of what' been going on in my life these past few weeks, and someone suggested I post it here. I have a pretty hard time keeping an actual diary - I just... I get so hungry. But this should work out better. mastermia suggested I go wireless with the diary. Now I can just eat the paper without having to do that pesky "writing on it" thing first.

Really, the diary is for Lilly, anyway. Since she doesn't get to keep one anymore. But if you want to read it, too...

come on in...Collapse )

That's all for this week. From now on, I'll be posting my recap every Monday. The mods will be posting their stuff every Friday, so we're alternating. It's a little different than the schedule they posted this weekend, but I told them if they didn't change it, I would eat txtequilanights.

I might do that anyway.

October 10th, 2005

Meet Skizzy

The Office - Jim and Pam TV
It occurs to me that some of you are wondering who the hell this "Skizzy" creature is. Heh. Good question. Skizzy grew out of a drabble challenge posted over at vm_countdown... what if Duncan really did decide to become a driftwood carver? Would he be happy with that lifestyle? The responding drabble and the series that followed it show a different side of Duncan - a side that beats up cars, strangles his Dad, fucks his sister... you get the idea. Behind the cut you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Skizzy. Where did he come from? What does he do while he's at work? At play? At a fancy restaurant?

You know you want to...

Skizzify!Collapse )

So there you have it, straight from the Skizzy's mouth. Hooked? Good. Tomorrow we will be posting a series of Skizzy icons developed over the last month, as well as Skizzy's first recap! Stay tuned, kiddies!

October 9th, 2005

(no subject)

The Office - Jim and Pam TV


To the wonderful world of VD. This is the land of swollen pustules, creepy pseudo-incest and, of course, Skizzy, Skizzy, and more Skizzy. Sound good to you? Join up!

Here’s what you can expect from good old Die VD Die!!!

Each Thursday, we’ll post a new set of VD-related creative challenges to give you something to do while you should be studying, cleaning, or paying attention to your children. Icons, videos, drabbles, caps for mockage – you name it, and we’ll smear gonorrhea all over it. Each Sunday, Skizzy darling will go all Couch Baron on your ass with a recap of that week’s episode. He will also hump txtequilanights’s leg, but that’s neither here nor there. Feel free to use that time to publicly gouge out your own eyes over the hideous displays of VD schmoopage we will undoubtedly be forced to endure in the upcoming episodes. Oh, and spoilers? Nay! This is a spoiler-free community, although speculation without spoilers is fine so long as you title the post accordingly.

All of that being said, here are this week’s challenges:

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: While every sane person knows that Duncan and forehead kissage have no business being in the same room together, Duncan is clearly neither (you know... neither sane nor person...). He has flagrantly stolen Logan’s signature move, slathering Veronica’s forehead with his herpes-mouth-of-doom. So tell us... what other Logan-moves does Duncan steal? And how does Veronica react?

Challenge the second: We all know that Duncan didn’t do it right. So what did he do? Bonus points for an NC-17 rating!

Mockery, thy name is Donut.

Caps rife with mock potentialCollapse )

Here’s the deal. These caps- need -tions. Get it? Captions? Get it? Okay, sorry. Now, go be funny!


Challenge the first: Two words. Wiggling eyebrows.

Challenge the second: This episode finally gave us a good, long look at nnnnnnnnekkid Logan! But it also inflicted us with a plague of locusts a whole lotta pasty, clothesless Duncan. *cries* Give us... dueling naked chests! Go!

Rob have mercy!

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the show this week. Catharsis, baby. Catharsis.

And finally, pollage!

Poll #586777 The Mysterious Fortune Cookie

So what did that pesky fortune cookie say?

But I like fucking my sisters! Harrumph. Want to give it the old college whatnot anyway?
If you don't date me, I will remove my own arm and FedEx it to your father.
Me want fuck Ron-Ron!
I wuv you beary much!
Nothing. It was a blank piece of paper loaded with subliminal messages. It's the only fucking explanation.

We also have a banner created by the lovely txtequilanights for your pimping pleasure.

Pimpage!Collapse )

Happy penicilling!
... and a cookie you shall have!

If you were a member of vm_penicillin at 11:00 a.m. PST today, I just baked you a cookie! Here's a sample:

You have one just like it - with your username instead of mine. You can use it as an icon, a button to pimp the community, or whatever you want! It's my gift to you for hating VD with the hate that dare not speak its name. To claim your cookie, you need to go to my photobucket account. Here is the link. Please don't hotlink - save your cookie onto your desktop, and then upload it to your icons or to a photobucket account of your own. If you need help doing this, feel free to e-mail me or comment to this post, and I'll help you out.

Our first official post goes up in 45 minutes! Happy hating!
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