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VD? A little penicillin should clear that problem right up.

Episode Seven: Aaaaaaaaawkward!

Die VD Die!!!

Ew. VD.
Die VD Die!!!

Episode Seven: Aaaaaaaaawkward!

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The Office - Jim and Pam TV

We’re back, and we’re more bitter than ever before! Did you miss us? *evil cackles*

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: Code word... awkward? Sounds about right to us. So what reason does Logan have to think so?

Challenge the second: We all want to know... what was in that letter Duncan found in Meg’s room, and then promptly hid from Veronica? Did he already know it was there? Why did he hide it? Prove the crazy. Please.

Mockery, thy name is Donut.

Cap One

Cap Two

Cap Three

Cap Four

Captions! Now!

Caps courtesy vm-caps.com and truemyth

Code Blue

Suppose that Duncan becomes Kendall’s new sugar daddy. What would be their codeword to get Logan out of the room?


Challenge the first: Code word: Awkward.

Challenge the second: Many animals are genetically steeped in the art of stealth. The turtle is not such a creature; his neck has no business on the P.I. trail! Yet another memo that Duncan clearly missed. An ode to the Donut’s sleuthy ineptitude is clearly called for.

Rob have mercy!

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the show this week. Catharsis, baby. Catharsis.

And finally, pollage!

Poll #615136 Wine Me, Dine Me

Take a look at that face. So... did he?

Um, no. Kendall clearly did all the work.
Of course he fucked her. Hence the mouth wiping – he was so bad, she puked.
No way! Duncan/Veronica 4-eva!!!!!
Actually, I think he’s a eunuch.
Up the ass. Cause it’s not cheating that way.
More likely, he tied her up and made her watch as he made sweet, sweet love to himself.

Happy penicilling!
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