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VD? A little penicillin should clear that problem right up.

Episode Five: In Which Urine is Bottled

Die VD Die!!!

Ew. VD.
Die VD Die!!!

Episode Five: In Which Urine is Bottled

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The Office - Jim and Pam TV

But then again, don’t we all?

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: Thanks to the infinite wisdom of Duncass, Veronica engaged in a little bit of good old standing idly by whilst her BFF had a minor meltdown and skipped town. With a crooked, druggie papa-cop. Fun! So what happened at the dance after Wallace’s dramatic exit?

Challenge the second: Clearly, Veronica is not okay with Jackie stapling herself to Logan’s frontal area. Is it because she wants to protect Wallace? Is it because LoVe is her OTP? Is it because Duncan smelled strangely like... cat piss? Whatever. We want to know what they were *really* thinking when Veronica went all Mama-Bear on Jackie. Take any character’s POV, but bonus points if Logan ends up shirtless!

Mockery, thy name is Donut.

Captions! Now!

Caps courtesy vm-caps.com


Challenge the first: Skizzy danced. Skizzy danced! Show me the dancing Skizzy! This one’s for txtequilanights.

Challenge the second: Lilly wants Veronica to stay away from her boyfriend... um, which one? Clarify, please.

Rob have mercy!

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the show this week. Catharsis, baby. Catharsis.

And finally, pollage!

Poll #600605 Ouija think?

Duncan has some post-mortem communing of his own to do? Which of the dearly departed does Duncan long to hear from?

Lilly. Duh. Boy needs some lovin'.
Jimmy Hoffa
The members of Heaven's Gate. Hey, all the cool kids wear Nikes.
Celeste. Oops, did Skizzy just give away his next move?
Molly. You know... Molly. Best friend a boy could... never mind.

Happy penicilling!
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