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VD? A little penicillin should clear that problem right up.

VD? Ew.

Die VD Die!!!

Ew. VD.
Die VD Die!!!

VD? Ew.

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(misc) blast it out

Ah, yes. Another lovely episode filled with itchy, rashy, swollen VD goodness.

I bring you challenges:

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: What if it HAD been Keith at the door of Duncan's hotel room? What, exactly, would he have been there to do?

Challenge the second: So, Duncan is an ass. A big, fat, hairy ass. How should Veronica have reacted to his ass-tacular "Chinese food it is," line?

Challenge the third: Veronica says she'll wait in the bedroom like a hooker. What if she isn't the first? Tell me about Duncan's possible encounters with ladies-of-the-night.


Challenge the first: Duncan has some...stalkerish tendencies. Icon them for me!

Challenge the second: Duncan is not only an ass, but also a dork. Icon me dorky!Duncan.

Mock the Donut!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Why, Rob, why?

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the week? Catharsis, baby, catharsis.

Poll #595838 Latin homework my ass!

What was Duncan watching on TV when he told Veronica he was studying?

Porn between two consenting adult males, both of whom are wearing Richard Nixon masks
The Icecapades
Midget boxing
Pride and Prejudice - he just can't get enough
Maggot Week on the Discovery Channel
Home videos of Lilly
Home videos of himself...doing bad things to llamas
International Scrabble Championship
Spanish infomercial for the Cornballer
Test patterns

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