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VD? A little penicillin should clear that problem right up.

Proud home of Skizzy. And used condoms. And hate. Also home of hate.

Die VD Die!!!

Ew. VD.
Die VD Die!!!


November 17th, 2005

We’re back, and we’re more bitter than ever before! Did you miss us? *evil cackles*

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: Code word... awkward? Sounds about right to us. So what reason does Logan have to think so?

Challenge the second: We all want to know... what was in that letter Duncan found in Meg’s room, and then promptly hid from Veronica? Did he already know it was there? Why did he hide it? Prove the crazy. Please.

Mockery, thy name is Donut.

Cap rife with mock potentialCollapse )

Code Blue

Suppose that Duncan becomes Kendall’s new sugar daddy. What would be their codeword to get Logan out of the room?


Challenge the first: Code word: Awkward.

Challenge the second: Many animals are genetically steeped in the art of stealth. The turtle is not such a creature; his neck has no business on the P.I. trail! Yet another memo that Duncan clearly missed. An ode to the Donut’s sleuthy ineptitude is clearly called for.

Rob have mercy!

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the show this week. Catharsis, baby. Catharsis.

And finally, pollage!

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Happy penicilling!

November 15th, 2005

I just posted a skizzzy-licious fic over at fic_from_mars.

Stop whatever you're doing and go read ladydisdain225's article proving that Duncan Kane is sociopath.

November 3rd, 2005

Not dead yet!

The Office - Jim and Pam TV
So it's a by-week, and skizzzy has a cold, so posting's been a little slow here. This, of course, means that I had to find another way to waste my time, and did so by scrolling through S1 caps to create a banner for vm_santa. (I did - it's here.) In so doing, I happened to run across a very Skizzy-licious cap, which reminded me... the hate? Long merited, people.

How is this choice not obvious?Collapse )

Seriously, though. What is she thinking???

October 28th, 2005

But then again, don’t we all?

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: Thanks to the infinite wisdom of Duncass, Veronica engaged in a little bit of good old standing idly by whilst her BFF had a minor meltdown and skipped town. With a crooked, druggie papa-cop. Fun! So what happened at the dance after Wallace’s dramatic exit?

Challenge the second: Clearly, Veronica is not okay with Jackie stapling herself to Logan’s frontal area. Is it because she wants to protect Wallace? Is it because LoVe is her OTP? Is it because Duncan smelled strangely like... cat piss? Whatever. We want to know what they were *really* thinking when Veronica went all Mama-Bear on Jackie. Take any character’s POV, but bonus points if Logan ends up shirtless!

Mockery, thy name is Donut.

Cap rife with mock potentialCollapse )


Challenge the first: Skizzy danced. Skizzy danced! Show me the dancing Skizzy! This one’s for txtequilanights.

Challenge the second: Lilly wants Veronica to stay away from her boyfriend... um, which one? Clarify, please.

Rob have mercy!

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the show this week. Catharsis, baby. Catharsis.

And finally, pollage!
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Happy penicilling!

October 25th, 2005

Skizzy in the Hizzy

Hey, yo! I know I'm late, but you have to understand that The Skizzy is a busy guy. I have brains to eat and sisters girls to play with.

But better late than never. Right, bitches?Collapse )

October 22nd, 2005

VD? Ew.

(misc) blast it out

Ah, yes. Another lovely episode filled with itchy, rashy, swollen VD goodness.

I bring you challenges:

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: What if it HAD been Keith at the door of Duncan's hotel room? What, exactly, would he have been there to do?

Challenge the second: So, Duncan is an ass. A big, fat, hairy ass. How should Veronica have reacted to his ass-tacular "Chinese food it is," line?

Challenge the third: Veronica says she'll wait in the bedroom like a hooker. What if she isn't the first? Tell me about Duncan's possible encounters with ladies-of-the-night.


Challenge the first: Duncan has some...stalkerish tendencies. Icon them for me!

Challenge the second: Duncan is not only an ass, but also a dork. Icon me dorky!Duncan.

Mock the Donut!

Caps for mocking.Collapse )

Why, Rob, why?

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the week? Catharsis, baby, catharsis.

Pollage!Collapse )

October 17th, 2005

Dear Lilly...Collapse )

And hey, look! I'm in a movie! Make sure you scroll down so you can find me. And I can I just say? I am so hot. I said God damn... God damn!

October 14th, 2005

Another ep, another post full of VD-licious goodness. We’ve decided to alter our schedule a bit, so you can now expect our “big” post every Friday, followed by a skizzi-cap every Monday. Thanks so much for the awesome response to this community so far!

Here are this week’s challenges:

Drabble me, baby!

Challenge the first: We all know that Duncan is a veritable paragon of emotional sensitivity. Describe the conversation that occurred after Veronica’s revelation that the bus accident was intended for her.

Challenge the second: Veronica tells Kendall that her boyfriend has really bad earwax. Just a ploy to get Kendall’s iPod? Maybe. But maybe not. How, precisely, does Veronica know about Duncan’s earwax issues? Points for graphic detail.

Mockery, thy name is Donut.

Caps rife with mock potentialCollapse )


Challenge the first: FBLA. What does it really stand for?

Challenge the second: Duncan has a gift for looking insipid. Iconify, please.

Video Killed the Low-Level Star

This challenge has a two-week limit since videos take rather a while to create. Remind us again... why do we hate VD? Pump up the squick factor! Bonus points if you use the audio/video clip from Mars vs. Mars where Logan says, "I'm no doctor… but I'm, uh, pretty sure Penicillin will clear that problem right up!" and/or the audio/video clip from Like a Virgin where Veronica says, "I don’t have VD, I’ve never had VD and I don’t still love you. Just so that you know."

Rob have mercy!

Tell us, what was the most painful VD moment of the show this week. Catharsis, baby. Catharsis.

And finally, pollage!

Extra! Extra!Collapse )

Happy penicilling!

October 12th, 2005

forcedmovement has written a beautiful, creepy, funny fic all about VD. It's lovely. You can read (and review!) it here.
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